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There are times when your business may need software that’s more specialised than an off the shelf package. A bespoke recruitment management system, a custom CRM tool for your client database, a time and job management system that works in the way you need it to. When off-the-shelf won’t do the job, we can assess the work to build what you require.

Initially, we map out your requirements, identify required features, and plan how the solution can be built. Your involvement in the design and build phase will ensure the finished product does exactly “what it says on the tin”

Our projects have included:

Call centre management software

The Business Octopus


Brief: Build a management system to run call centre. The following system features were essential:

Approach: This highly bespoke call centre management application required a great deal of complex planning and Doublezero Solutions worked alongside The Business Octopus to assess their exact requirements and how best to apply the available technology to achieve their aims.

Outcome: The system is critical for the daily operation of the call centre. The bespoke solution delivers exactly what the client needs, streamlining calls for the agents and improving their call effectiveness. An off-the shelf package could not deliver the solution The Business Octopus required. One that allows Senior Management and agents to focus on delivery of results rather than fixing technology problems.

Workflow management & CRM tool

BDI Structural Solutions

Brief: Develop a workflow management tool that will manage projects throughout their life cycle.

Approach: The system needed to hold all key information regarding a project as it progressed through the company. Document creation was automated at every stage, from initial quoutes through technical drawings and through to invoicing. Email records and phone calls were recorded in the system, and client contact could be managed via the interface with a clear audit trail.

Outcome: Having recently gone live at the time of writing, the system is in use and already phase two of the project is being scoped; this being the remote data capture of on-site information to further reduce paper forms and the need for scanning.

Time booking & job management system

The If Agency

Brief: Build a system to manage all live jobs, allow users to book time and perform live budget calculations

Approach: Doublezero worked alongside the agency to scope out all the features that were required; these included a detailed reporting module and automated warnings for account handlers when jobs were in danger of going over budget. It was essential that it was very simple to book time to live jobs, and that these time bookings would adjust job budgets in real time.

Outcome: The system has been live and running for around a year at the time of writing; its proved to be an invaluble resource in budget planning and forecasting for the agency, and has become an integral part of their internal processes.


  • "SiteUnify has brought a number of benefits to our company. Our engineers can get their work orders for the next month simply by synching the app, no need to come to the office for the paperwork. They also synch back the completed work reports which are available in the management system straight away, meaning the clients have their PDF reports the same day. The client portal is great too, so our clients can download their documentation at any time, and also see when they’ve got the next inspections scheduled."

    Sarah Hale

    Hydraclean Ltd

  • "Meta Creative only associate ourselves with the highest quality suppliers to fulfil our projects.We would like to recognise Doublezero Solutions’ commitment to a demanding web build project, where unpredictable requirement changes occurred once the build was underway. Doublezero simply got on with the job and saw out all changes and diversions to the brief.We would recommend Doublezero to provide a committed and professional service, and will seek to involve them wherever possible in future projects."

    Martin Leigh

    Meta Creative

  • "We recently used Doublezero Solutions to develop on-stand software for a symposium. The results were excellent and well received by the client, hope to work again in the future."

    North-West based Med Comms Agency

  • "The new site will act as a great platform to inform people about our company as well as a resource for our customers and staff. The site delivers immediate credibility and professionalism, whilst the CMS feature developed by Doublezero Solutions means we can update our site quickly and efficiently, keeping our resource material current"

    Amie Wright, Communications Co-ordinator

    Pathways CIC

  • "Doublezero Solutions offer far more than a technical software solution. Their communications, support and service level is superb, making dealing with them very easy and an enjoyable experience. I would not hesitate recommending them to any other business."

    Bernard McCabe

    Dreamscape Solutions Ltd

  • "When we needed bespoke software to manage our call centre and customer database, Doublezero delivered it on time and to budget."

    Kevin Norton

    The Insurance Octopus

  • "We’ve been sending Word versions of our instruction form for years, but more and more people are using tablets instead of laptops these days. I was getting a lot of complaints from clients saying they couldn’t open the form on an iPad or iPhone; commonly people were sending our forms to their work email address so they can fill in the document on their work PC.So, for us, the fact that iFormSoft is fully mobile compatible has speeded up our client response times no end – people are commenting on how easy the new process is too, and of course the easier we can make it for clients, the better! "

    Brandon Wagstaffe

    Atlas Building and Survey Services Ltd

  • "Using iFormSoft to send our Letters of Engagement to clients has meant we get them back same day, instead of the following week (if at all!). The real problem for us was that client’s would take an age to get around to printing/signing etc, meaning big delays in us being able to help them. The ability to produce the documents while in a meeting with a client is a huge bonus; we can get the signature there and then, meaning no additional admin back at the office."

    John Jones

    My Tax Solutions

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