No one can give as accurate an insight into our service and product range as our clients. Find out what some our valued customers think of Doublezero Solutions.

Meta Creative only associate ourselves with the highest quality suppliers to fulfil our projects.

We would like to recognise Doublezero Solutions’ commitment to a demanding software build project, where unpredictable requirement changes occurred once the build was underway. Doublezero simply got on with the job and saw out all changes and diversions to the brief.

 We would recommend Doublezero to provide a committed and professional service, and will seek to involve them wherever possible in future projects.

Martin Leigh - Meta Creative

We were using a different mobile worker solution for creating electronic work reports, but we were having a lot of technical problems with it. It was also a generic solution and so never properly fit our requirements. When we got in touch with Doublezero Solutions we saw that SiteUnify was aimed at our business specifically, had all of the features we needed and no unnecessary elements that we were never going to use. Also the client portal was an added bonus and something the previous system didn’t have. I’m glad we made the switch over to SiteUnify.

Paul Foster - Foztek Ltd

We were looking to fully digitise our job workflow through the company, but were unsure of how to proceed. There was a vast array of options out there but we didn’t know which of these would be fit for our purpose.

We were fortunately put in contact with Doublezero Solutions and were delighted to discover that they already had an end-to-end product called SiteUnify that was specifically aimed at our market place. We were able to get up and running quickly and the feedback from clients so far has been fantastic. Our engineers also love using the iPads onsite instead of paper work reports as it saves them so much time. Really happy to recommend Doublezero Solutions & SiteUnify.

Adam Brown - Pressboost Ltd

SiteUnify has brought a number of benefits to our company. Our engineers can get their work orders for the next month simply by synching the app, no need to come to the office for the paperwork. They also synch back the completed work reports which are available in the management system straight away, meaning the clients have their PDF reports the same day. The client portal is great too, so our clients can download their documentation at any time, and also see when they’ve got the next inspections scheduled.

Sarah Hale - Hydraclean Ltd

Using iFormSoft to send our Letters of Engagement to clients has meant we get them back same day, instead of the following week (if at all!). The real problem for us was that clients would take an age to get around to printing/signing etc, meaning big delays in us being able to help them. The ability to produce the documents while in a meeting with a client is a huge bonus; we can get the signature there and then, meaning no additional admin back at the office.

John Jones - My Tax Solutions

We’ve been sending Word versions of our instruction form for years, but more and more people are using tablets instead of laptops these days. I was getting a lot of complaints from clients saying they couldn’t open the form on an iPad or iPhone; commonly people were sending our forms to their work email address so they can fill in the document on their work PC.

So, for us, the fact that iFormSoft is fully mobile compatible has speeded up our client response times no end, people are commenting on how easy the new process is too, and of course the easier we can make it for clients, the better!

- Atlas Building and Survey Services Ltd