SiteUnify for water pressurisation systems and pump set installation/servicing provides end-to-end job management, from job creation through to invoicing. The specialised focus on producing specific documentation for pump installations and servicing, in real time, onsite, mean that the entire workflow of a task is streamlined. 

How does it work?

  • Data is entered into the back office system, which then pushes data to the handheld devices
  • The handheld devices get job information out of the system, then write back the completed work reports
  • Clients can login and see the progress of their jobs, and also view/download all documentation online

What are the benefits?

Reduce admin time:
Documentation is created automatically, no retyping reports. Jobs are pushed to engineers automatically, no work orders or T-Card system.
Increase productivity:
Engineers and admins can spend less time handwriting/retyping reports, meaning they’ve getting more done during the work day.
Real-time reporting:
Reports are generated from data collected as soon as its synced.
Better client service:
Clients can search for and access their documentation instantly, no waiting for reports, or asking for them to be re-sent.
Streamline auditing:
Clients and auditors have instant access to their compliance documentation; all historic data collected by the system is available for ever.

Key features

  • PPM scheduling – planned maintenance visits can be scheduled for the full year with a few clicks
  • Client portal – clients login directly and view their site visit documentation in real time
  • Optional daily email alerts – clients can opt to receive email notification when PPM visits have taken place
  • Instant fault reporting – both the client and the water treatment specialist can opt to receive email notification when faults are recorded onsite 
  • Pick up remedial works – the water pressurisation specialist can add documentation such as quotes for remedial works to any faults recorded, the client can click to approve these instantly, increasing the volume of reactive maintenance work picked up
  • Invoice faster – the water pressurisation specialist receives instant notification when a PPM visit is complete, meaning invoicing can happen same day.
  • ISO 9001 compliance – guarantees quality management for customer experience with end-to-end job management
  • ISO 14001 compliance – fully paperless workflow management system reduces carbon footprint

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