SiteUnify case study from Adam Brown of Pressboost

This post was originally written by Adam Brown of Pressboost – its a nice write up of how SiteUnify is helping Pressboost offer better service to their clients.

PressBoost Ltd Site Unify Platform

Recently, we began the process of moving our engineer reporting system over to a Site Unify Platform. Having seen the success of Double Zero Solutions work with Hydraclean Limited, who we work closely with, we decided to meet with Dave Broomhead of Double Zero to explore the potential options available to us. Dave and his team are pragmatic and solution focussed in all aspects of their work. As a result, they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their constant contact and clear communication with us, has really made this transition possible.

Improving Customer Service:

The key reason we moved over to is to improve customer service and make it easier to access reports. We have achieved this in a number of ways:

  • Reports are made available to customers more efficiently via a portal.
  • Streamlined engineer reporting on site. Whilst making it easier to record large amounts of information clearly.
  • Modified and improved the PressBoost Ltd service report.
  • Created a bespoke platform that can continuously be adjusted over time to suit our own and customer needs.
  • Customers can easily keep track of all reports PressBoost have sent with all reports stored in one central location.

Advantages of a Site Unify Platform:

In terms of logistics, our engineers select the jobs that have been allocated to them on the dedicated PressBoost App. They then complete the electronic worksheet with the necessary information for that unit. Once a job is completed, it is sent to our back office team who can send it straight to the portal for customers to view. From an ease of use point of view, this system is vastly improved and it will stand the test of time.

Furthermore, through working closely with Double Zero, we can continuously alter and adjust all aspects of the platform as we develop as a company.  With functionality to add more engineers, add more features and refine our reporting process. Also, we plan to include quotations on the platform to further improve ease of use for customers.

Our engineers have found it invaluable as it removes the need for them to work from their phones. Furthermore, they no longer have to rely on one device on site. It also removes any handwriting issues for customers reading reports and allows the engineer to amend their work.  Finally, once an engineer clears site, they can look at all scheduled jobs and easily pull down another job to attend. In summary, the advantages go on and on and we continue to find strengths as we become more familiar with the App.

The Site Unify Platform has proved a great addition to the way we operate and we are very satisfied with it. Finally, we look forward to working in conjunction with Double Zero Solutions for many years to come. For more information visit