Hydraclean were searching for a way to digitise their workflow and also provide a better, more proactive service for their clients. The Hydraclean operations team identified the fact that their industry was moving towards paperless systems, capturing site electronically on mobile devices and giving clients access to their site visit documentation online.


After an initial discussion and an analysis of Hydraclean’s current workflow, it was identified that SiteUnify for Water Treatment would be a good fit for Hydraclean’s requirements. The back office system allows administrators to quickly plan PPMs and remedial work, which then flow directly to the engineers carrying out the works on their iPads and Android devices. Finally the completed works are available to Hydraclean’s clients via the client portal, meaning they have instant access to their compliance documentation during audits.


The two biggest advantages for Hydraclean moving onto SiteUnify have been the increase in their administration efficiency, and the positive client feedback from having portal access to their legionella compliance work reports. Documentation is available instantly for clients and additionally all faults are immediately reported on and tracked, meaning that at audit time any issues can be demonstrated to have been actioned and resolved. Many of Hydraclean’s clients have completely moved off paper-based log books onsite and have adopted the fully electronic version of their compliance documentation via SiteUnify.