Foztek were initially using a different mobile worker platform to facilitate their paperless work reports for Water Management Systems and Heating and Plumbing Services. They were having a number of issues with that system, and were looking to move onto a different framework.


After viewing a demonstration of the SiteUnify platform,  Foztek decided that it would be a much better fit for their business. One big advantage over the system they were using is SiteUnify’s client portal, which their old system didn’t have. The client portal allows Foztek’s clients have instant access to their servicing and gas compliance records at any time, meaning that the clients no longer have to contact Foztek to request emailed copies of reports at audit time.


SiteUnify is operating well for Foztek and has clear benefits over their previous system. The additional level of engagement, in terms of reporting and automatic notifications between Foztek and their clients, means they are able to provide a much-enhanced level of service. Feedback from Foztek’s clients is very positive as the system is streamlining their auditing process.