5 Simple Steps to Online Legionella Control

5 Simple Steps to Online Legionella Control

Maintaining accurate records is a major part of legionella control. If your business is still doing this using pen and paper, you’re missing out on all the advantages an online solution brings.

You already know this, but when the boss doesn’t share your view, it can be difficult to find a way forward. But with so many organisational benefits on the horizon, it’s critical to make your vision a reality by explaining how easy it is to introduce efficient online systems.

This article walks you through our hassle-free, five-step plan to introducing your bespoke online legionella control system.

Step 1 – Business Analysis for a Tailor-Made Solution

Every SiteUnify project begins by understanding your business inside and out. We’ll investigate your processes to get to grips with details like:

  • How you assign jobs to engineers
  • What a site visit looks like
  • Tracking job progress and completion

We’ll also look for any challenges, gaps or weak points within your existing processes. The problems we often see include missing paperwork, lack of job progression visibility, difficulty in knowing when to assign engineers more work and delays in invoicing.

Those are just the in-house issues: the elephant in the room is that your customers want to be able to provide a better service to their clients and enable them to demonstrate compliance in real time. The only way to do this is with an online document management system.

That’s where SiteUnify comes in. Based on a core product that’s designed specifically for the water treatment industry, we further enhance the software to ensure it solves all your challenges and provides a perfect fit for your organisation.

Step 2 – Providing the Data – We Only Ask For a Single Spreadsheet

To enable us to refine the software, we ask you to provide the data that the system will capture as well as any specific requirements that will inform your management reporting.

The data we’ll ask you to provide will be readily available in your business. We supply a spreadsheet template to ensure we capture all the required information: you simply populate the spreadsheet and send it over.

If you have a key client that you want to keep happy, we’ll happily include information about their sites to ensure the system also works for them.

This data is combined with the gap analysis conducted in stage one and used to enhance the core system. From on-boarding new customers and allocating and monitoring job progress to invoicing and providing real time management reports. SiteUnify provides an end-to-end service that reduces administration, enables real-time reporting and presents a slick, modern image to your clients.

Step 3 – Mobilising Your Workforce With Compatible Hardware

SiteUnify works on both Apple and Android devices, so if you have suitable equipment already in place, you’ll be able to install the app and get started without buying anything new.

If you do need to invest in new hardware, your choice will be impacted by budget and usability. Many of our clients find that their staff are familiar with Apple products so they choose this path. However, Android mobile devices are also highly intuitive, easy to use, have a wider choice of hardware and are also much more cost effective.

To access mobile device hardware without breaking the bank, you have a couple of options:

  • Spread your costs using your hardware fund – as an existing mobile phone customer you’ll be eligible to apply for mobile devices from your provider’s hardware fund. In the same way that you get a free handset with a certain amount of calls, texts and data, so you can source tablets and larger touch screen devices without paying for the items upfront.
  • Let Doublezero Solutions source your devices for you – we can take this job off your plate by providing you with android-based Zebra TC56 devices. These rugged, full touch mobile computers might cost a little more than your standard Android tablet but they’re designed for people working on site. Drop them from head height onto concrete and they’ll survive intact. And if they fall into water, they’ll keep working, which is just as well in the water treatment industry. With these design features, each device will last for years providing fantastic value for money.

Dave Broomhead of Doublezero Solutions says: “today’s employees want a mobile device that’s as good as their personal smartphone. These commercial devices are designed to enhance productivity while existing in a hostile environment. They’re even supported by a three-year contract with Zebra who will troubleshoot issues and provide a full support service.”

Step 4 – Your SiteUnify System is Designed

In keeping with the bespoke nature of the software, the SiteUnify platform:

  • Is designed to include digitised versions of your existing paperwork so your employees and clients will recognise what they’re seeing online
  • Aligns with your company using your brand colours and logo, creating a great impression when your customers use the site

With the ability to enter data digitally, your customers and administrators will be able to access typed forms making it easy to read and act on the information. The software also offers a seamless process with better outputs as data is automatically captured and stored in your background database without the need for any administrative intervention.

“Our customers usually retain their existing workflows but if needed we can adapt the system to iron out any issues and create a new, smoother process”, says Dave. “If end clients have specific requests – for example if you have a big flagship client to keep happy – we can adapt SiteUnify to suit their business and yours.”

What might this look like? One real-life example was the addition of email alerts to the SiteUnify system. By creating an overnight digest of all activity, the client could easily see where jobs were up to without needing to log on to the system.

This daily email was supported by a personalised dashboard with specific management information that helped our water treatment client provide an even better level of service to one of their key accounts.

Step 5 – Your System is Launched

Before rolling out your new system, we carry out training with your team of engineers and administrators. If your end client also needs training, we’re more than happy to do this too.

We’ll take your team through the system, identifying the different actions required for data input, output and reporting. At this stage it’s possible that your users may identify missing functionality. If this happens, we’ll quickly make the relevant changes to ensure the system is completely fit for purpose.

We understand the importance of a slick launch, so as SiteUnify goes live, we’ll work closely with you to ensure everything is working smoothly. In our experience, the intuitive nature of the system means users rarely encounter any problems making it a valuable investment that is rapidly in use.

In fact many of our customers tell us that SiteUnify pays for itself within the first year.

Persuading the boss to move from inefficient paper-based processes to productivity-enhancing online systems can feel like an impossible task. But if you want to become a market-leading water treatment company, SiteUnify is an essential part of your journey to streamlined processes and enhanced productivity.

To talk to one of our experienced legionella control software specialists, get in touch on 0161 871 7509 or at websites@Doublezerosolutions.co.uk to discuss your firm’s needs.