Online services


Delivering expert end-to-end online services

Website design and development, content management systems, intranet/ePortal development, cloud computing solutions and online marketing. Online marketing services include email and SMS marketing, Pay Per Click and search engine optimisation.

A solid background in programming gives us the ability to link complex systems together; you may already have a CRM tool within your intranet that needs linking to a new website. We can link your public facing outside world site to your back office systems, maintaining high levels of security throughout and protecting your data.

As well as a diverse range of sites from brochure-ware to full e-commerce solutions our online services include:

Full website design and development

Case study available!  Case study available!

From initial design concepts through technical build and rollout, we will deliver a website that will fulfil your business requirements.

Content management system

Case study available!

Gain control of your web application through our CMS; you have the ability to update any part of your website at any time.

Intranet / extranet solutions

Built on existing platforms such as SharePoint or constructed bespoke to order, our intranet services connect your team internally and over the internet.

Online marketing

Case study available!

  • Email marketing
    • Data acquisition: We can provide you with the marketing data and email addresses for your campaigns, should you wish
    • Ensure deliverability by sending through our whitelisted servers
    • Cleanse your internal customer lists; our software will automatically clear dead email addresses
    • Campaign feedback: Statistics on who opened, read and clicked on your messages
  • Search engine optimisation & Pay Per Click
    • SEO team with a proven track record in delivering results
    • We will work with you to choose the correct keywords to ensure ROI
    • Get the most out of your PPC budgets with our expert input
  • SMS marketing
    • 2 way SMS messaging (allows you to receive replies from recipients)
    • Delivery receipts
    • Bulk upload for large volume campaigns
    • Message scheduling
    • Long message support (612 characters)

Mobile apps

iOS, Blackberry, windows phone and Android applications. Case studies coming soon!

Cloud computing solutions

Cloud computing is our latest venture in delivering applications using cutting edge technology. Serve your application over the internet; a hybrid version of bespoke software and a web application, with the advantages of both types of development combined. Check our case studies and blog for news of our first cloud-platform rollout soon.