Bespoke software


Delivering expert bespoke software solutions

There are times when your business may need software that’s more specialised than an off the shelf package. A bespoke recruitment management system, a custom CRM tool for your client database, a time and job management system that works in the way you need it to. When off-the-shelf won’t do the job, we can assess the work to build what you require.

Initially, we map out your requirements, identify required features, and plan how the solution can be built. Your involvement in the design and build phase will ensure the finished product does exactly “what it says on the tin”

Our projects have included:

Call centre management software

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Selects records to dial based on programmable selection criteria, links to telephony system and stores data obtained during the call.

Workflow & CRM tool

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An extranet system to manage workflow through a business, and to manage client relationships.

Recruitment management software

Allows the client to post jobs online, then manage the candidate through the interview process to final job offer.

Time booking system

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Records hours worked on projects, calculates budget-spend accumulated and alerts account managers if projects are likely to go over budget.

Annual performance review system

To store the outcomes of annual reviews, record details of upcoming objectives and book training sessions to improve staff skills.

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